Private, Anonymous and Secure Bitcoin Mobile Wallet.

An opensource non custodial Bitcoin mobile wallet with emphasis on UX and security. Sifir is built ontop of Cyphernode, takes less than 30 seconds to setup.
Amazing Mobile Experience. No compromise on security.
Beautiful UX, Bitcoin for Everyone
Sifir's beautiful user experience makes Cyphernode and Bitcoin easy to use by everyone.
Scan a Code, up and running !
Scan a QR code generated by Sifir's App with your phone and instantly get Cyphernode in your pocket.
Private Access to your Cyphernode Anywhere
Use Tor or Sifir Synapse Server. No reverse tunneling, No Dynamic DNS. Just cyphernode everywhere secure and private.
Open Source, End-to-End Encryption
Opensource Code Base
All components of the Sifir App are open source and verifiable. Download the sources or use precompiled packages.
Encrypted at source and Verified
Every message coming to and from your Cyphernode is signed, encrypted and verified to have originated from authorized devices you have authorized.
Privacy and Anonymity Baked In
For maximum privacy access your Cyphernode using Tor or Sifir encrypted sync service.

Tons of features out of the box

Features that are currently supported and that are currently WIP

Send and Receive Bitcoin from your Spending Wallet
Send and receive bitcoin from your spending wallet without having your private keys on your phone mobile!
Multiple Offline "Watcher Wallets"
Add your offline XPubs from your Trezor,Coldcard,Ledger to watch transactions and generate receiving addresses from the convenience of your phone without without having to access your PC or Hardware wallet.
PGP Encrypted and Signed
All settings are PGP encrypted before being stored on your phone. All communication in and out of Sifir is encrypted, verified and signed to with PGP keys to ensure privacy and validity of requests. Security and Privacy baked in.
TOR built in
Pairing your phone with Cyphernode over TOR is built in and available out of the box. Note: Requires that Orbot be installed on your phone and TOR be enabled on your Cyphernode installation.
Lightning Network
Connect to your own Lightning node and access all it's features. Send payments, open channels, browser channel states, top-up and witdhraw funds all on the go through Sifir's beautiful UX.
World's mobile first Wasabi remote control wallet. Mix, Manage and Spend privately on the go.
Many more features wip...
We target a release cycle of 2 weeks!
WIP - Coming Soon
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