Wasabi Mobile Wallet. Bitcoin Privacy on the Go.

World's first mobile Wasabi wallet that connects to your own private Wasabi client (via Tor) Giving you full control of your privacy in re-imagined user experience never seen before.
Mixing in your pocket. No Leaks, No Privacy Compromises.
Manage your Coinjoins in your pocket.
We believe that privacy and convenience are not orthogonal. Sifir puts everything you need to manage your Bitcoin privacy is in your pocket.
Security, Privacy & Full Data Ownership
Scan a QR code generated by Sifir's App with your phone and instantly connect to your own Wasabi client's RPC via Tor or Sifir Sync with all communication being Signed and Encrypted.
Full Wallet Features
Access to your history, coinlist, labels now in your pocket.
Re-imagined Mobile User Experience
World's premier Wasabi CoinJoin mobile first client
Creating the world's first mobile first mixing experience, we wanted it to be not just beautiful and intuitive but we also re-thought everything about the user experience to optimize it for mobile and have it usable by everyone.
Sending and Mixing UX Re-imagined. Mixing for everyone.
We said goodbye to UTXO selection and hello to privacy preference. Select the level of privacy (Anonymity set) you want your coins to have and spend.
Make Mixing Default
Even better make mixing your default. Setup a privacy threshold and wallet you would like to send your mixed coins automatically to. Sifir will take care of the rest. DCA from exchange, to wasabi to a cold wallet all happening in the background.

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