Bitcoin, You and Your Network.

Sifir is building a new social experience for You and Your network based on Bitcoin and Privacy Principles.

Sifir wraps multiple layers of technology into a Beautiful "Cypherpunk-Sexy" mobile user experience with the aim of facilitating value based interactions

We don't think we should try to bring Bitcoin to the world. We're trying to bring the world to Bitcoin by creating a product that would frankly suck if built on anything else.

Sifir is in early alpha and very much WIP at this point. We are open source and push elements of the project to our public repo when we feel they've hit a certain level of stablitiy in the hopes of eliciting community feedback and participation.

Mobile Bitcoin Wallet built on Cyphernode. Lightning enabled and features the world's first Wasabi Mobile Wallet ! Privacy and UX are not orthogonal.
Milestone 1
"It's not a wallet if all it's got is money" - WIP Coming soon.
Milestone 2
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